Michael S. MTU Build

Sharp Looking Criterion MTU Build

Michael S. of Georgia reached out with a photo of his recent build. Michael purchased the following products from Northland Shooters Supply.

  • 26″ Criterion MTU barrel
  • NSS Precision Ground Recoil Lug
  • NSS Heavy Duty Barrel Nut
  • NSS Barrel Nut Wrench

He paired the barrel and components with a Savage Model 10 action and a Masterpiece Arms Chassis.

That’s a nice looking rifle Michael. Happy shooting!

Richard S Rifle Build

Criterion 308 Win On A Sharp Looking Chassis

Richard S. of Delaware reached out to us and shared some photos of his recent build. Richard bought the following items from Northland Shooters Supply.

  • Savage Model 10 action
  • 26″ Criterion 308 Win in an MTU contour with 10 twist
  • NSS precision ground recoil lug
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut

Richard paired these components with an Accurate Rifle Systems chassis and a Vortex Optics scope.

That’s a nice looking rifle Richard. Thanks for sharing and happy shooting!

Dave H 6mm Creedmoor

Criterion 6mm Creedmoor Success

Dave H. of South Dakota reached out regarding his Criterion 6mm Creedmoor barrel purchased from Northland Shooters Supply. Dave purchased a 24″ Criterion 6mm Creedmoor in a heavy sporter contour with an 8 twist.

Dave had the following to say about his build.

“Other than the 6 BR, this is the easiest tuning cartridge ever. I have just over 200 rounds shot and all groups including ALL load development averaged in the .3s. It’s a great barrel! After the initial break-in of shoot 1, clean, shoot 2, clean, then shoot 3, clean, it’s caught no copper since round #3. I will probably be ordering a 28″ large shank before Spring.”

Thanks for the note Dave and happy shooting!

Bret M Gap Grind

Fourth Place Finish At Gap Grind

Bret M. of Kentucky reached out regarding his Criterion 6mm Creedmoor Rem/Age barrel and the Remington 700 action he purchased from Northland.

Bret had the following to say.

“Here is the result of the products you sell.  The 26-inch 6 Creedmoor match performed awesome with 115-grain DTAC bullets. I couldn’t be happier with the products you sell.  I was able to place 4th in the amateur division at the 2018 GAP Grind using the Remington 700 action and Criterion barrel from Northland.  I used an XLR Envy Chassis. Thanks again for great products!”

Thanks for the note Bret and great shooting!

NSS Shooting Team

NSS Shooting Team Season Wrap-up

Final thoughts from the 2018 NSS sponsored shooting team.

“We would like to give a huge thank you to Northland Shooters Supply for being absolutely amazing to work with and it’s been our pleasure to represent NSS for the past season. We truly appreciate the opportunity to represent NSS. From actions to triggers, barrels, and several other items, we couldn’t have done it without you! We had a really amazing season with several wins and a lot more top 3 finishes. The equipment worked flawlessly and anytime anything was needed, if Northland had it on the shelf, it made it to us in a matter of a couple days. Looking forward to running the new NSS-BAT action this upcoming season as well! Thank you all very much. “

***Team member Jesse K could not be present the day of the photo.

Thomas E Criterion Build

Both Criterion Barrels Are Real Shooters

Thomas E. of Texas sent us a message regarding his recent builds with Criterion barrels purchased from Northland Shooters Supply. Thomas had the following to say.

“I took the new girl out for a spin today finally and just wow. OK I am not some super shooter that is gonna get a 1″ group at 800 yards but out of my more modest budget level guns I get 1/2″ groups and less (OK I screw some up but that was me) out of both barrels you have sold me. 

The 300 Winchester Magnum Match Chamber barrel was first purchased first followed by the 308 Winchester. Both of them are Criterion 28″ Bull barrels. I also purchased your precision ground lugs, barrel nuts, action wrench, barrel nut wrench, and Forster and Manson headspace gauges. I used Bell and Carlson stocks and SWFA 10X42 Mil-Quad scopes.

You have a fan for life thanks to your willingness to talk details on several occasions and solid products with quick shipping!”

Thanks for the note Thomas and happy shooting!

Harold S Rifle Build

Criterion Rem/Age Christmas Build

Harold S. of Texas recently reached out regarding his Criterion Rem/Age build. Harold purchased the following parts from Northland.

  • 26″ Criterion Rem/Age 280 AI in a Heavy Sporter contour with 1:9 twist
  • NSS Rem/Age Squared and Trued Barrel Nut
  • NSS Precision Ground Recoil Lug
  • Manson Reamers 280 AI Go and No Go Gauges
  • TrigerTech Primary Stainless Trigger (set at 2 pounds)

Harold had the following to say about his build.

“Thank you for getting the parts out to me before the Christmas holiday began so I could put my rifle together. Got her set in a Stocky’s Stock Apache Laminate with aluminum bedding block, an aluminum hinged floor plate from Red Hawks Rifles, topped with a Vortex HS=T 4X16X44 scope and Vortex 30MM tactical rings. Waiting on brass and loaded Nosler ammo to see how she works.”

Thanks for the note Harold and happy shooting!

Criterion 243 Win

Criterion 243 Win “Coyote Zipper”

Mathew H. of Wisconsin sent us a message regarding his most recent Criterion 243 Win build from Northland Shooters Supply. Mathew purchased the following products from Northland.

  • 28″ Criterion 243 Win Bull barrel with 14 twist
  • NSS Precision Ground Recoil Lug
  • NSS Squared and Trued Barrel Nut
  • Forster 243 Win Go Gauge

“Put about 50 rounds down the pipe of my new 243 Criterion 14 twist 28 ” barrel, cleaning between loads. The barrel is cleaning easier as I shoot and groups are getting smaller and more consistent. I’m loading for 55 or 58-grain bullets with max. Velocity. Consistency can be tricky when pushing a light 6mm bullet at max. Velocity. I am getting dime sized groups with every load. Pictured is the very last group I shot through this barrel.  It is with a 55-grain blitzking and H380 powder, right at 4,000 fps. H380 was the last powder I tried. 3 shots at 107 yds. 16power scope. We’ll call this one the coyote zipper, it will unzip the hide right off the yote. Thanks for your great customer service “

Thanks for the message Mathew and happy shooting!

Les V. Stock

Criterion Rem/Age 6mm Creedmoor Build with A Modified Stock

Les V. of North Dakota reached out regarding his most recent build. He purchased a 28″ Criterion Rem/Age 6mm Creedmoor bull barrel from Northland Shooters Supply. He paired the barrel with a Stockys Stock and modified the stock. Here is what Les had to say.

“This stock is an LRC Accublock stock from Stockys Stocks. I bought the unpainted option and textured it myself and painted it. It is extremely stiff, so has taken abeating for the last two+ years without any issues. For the PRS matches I loadthe butt with lead. I’ve found lead to be highly effective as a recoilmitigating tool. 

This stock has an aluminum bedding block in it. It was black and smooth when I opened the box it came in. I mixed up some JB Weld and applied it to the places I thought I would grasp it, but not where it should slide on a bag or rest.

The application was done with a toothbrush, but without taping off a border first. If I were to do it again – and I would have another one of these stocks – I would tape it off first, then apply the JB Weld.

I first applied the JB Weld to the places I wanted it. Then I waited until it was setting up to be tacky and tapped the brush all over again to raise it up some more. The JB Weld tended to smooth itself over a bit if left alone after theinitial application.

The other thing I did not do but would do if I were to repeat this, is rough up the surface with sandpaper first. Although the finish only has a single place about the size of a quarter where it’s worn off, it would stay even longer if the surface had some prepping first.

Personally, it doesn’t bother me that a spot wore off. I can reapply as many coats as Iwant. Touch-ups can be done by spraying some paint into a plastic container, ice-cream pail lid, etc. then dabbing it with a paper towel and pressing thetowel onto where you want the paint.

The first coat I just sprayed on. That was “coyote.” The next two were flat black and green camo. Both of the last two colors were dabbed on with paper towels. It gave it a kind of “digital” look.

Since I did this, I added a Magpul bottom to convert it to an AICS magazine fed unit. And after that I swapped the action in the picture to a Stiller Predator action with the Rem/Age threaded 28″ 7 twist 6mm Creedmoor, Criterion barrel.”

Thanks for the note Les and happy shooting!