New Calibers Available from Shilen and Criterion


              Northland Shooters Supply is now offering three new calibers available from Shilen. The new calibers are: 223 REM VLD Match – .090 free bore 243 WIN VLD Match – .104 free bore 260 REM VLD Match – .160 free bore Northland Shooters Supply is now offering three new calibers available from Criterion. The new calibers are: 6mm Creedmoor Match – .183 free bore versus the 6mm Creedmoor with .109 free bore. 6.5 Grendel 6.5 SAUM GAP 4S – .081 free bore versus the…

NSS Releases New 4-Inch (Stubby) Barrel Nut Wrench

4 Inch Stubby Barrel Nut Wrench

The 4-inch heavy duty barrel nut wrench offers 33% increased rigidity.  The 4-inch wrench is offered for the standard square-notch barrel nut design. This design also incorporates a 1/2-inch cutout for using a ratchet, breaker bar, or a torque wrench to aid in the removal and installation of the NSS precision barrel nut. The price for the 4-inch tool is $18.00.

NSS Releases New Tool for Installation of Rem/Age Barrel on Remington 700 Action without Gunsmithing

NSS Taper Loc Recoil Lug System

NSS is pleased to announce the release of their Taper Loc Recoil Lug System. NSS has been working with the latest modification to their Action Wrench, this modification will allow rifle builders that are using the Remington 700 models to install the NSS Rem/Age Barrels without having to notch or pin their receivers. This NSS Action Wrench update will allow you to install the NSS Heavy Duty Precision Ground Recoil Lug directly to your Remington 700 Action without any required gunsmithing. The price for the Taper Lock Recoil Lug System…