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Northland Shooters Supply – Bat Machine Action


Northland Shooters Supply (NSS) is working with Bat Machine Co. for an NSS exclusive action with Remington 700 thread and Remington 700 bolt nose diameter. This new action will be perfect for your Rem/Age build.

NSS Short Action Retail Price with action body DLC coated: $1475.00
NSS Long Action Retail Price with action body DLC coated: $1550.00
NSS Short Action Retail Price with action body bead-blasted: $1450.00
NSS Long Action Retail Price with action body bead-blasted:$1525.00

Extra bolt bodies to change calibers: $265.00

This action is available with the following specs.

– Remington 700 thread- 1 1/16” X -16 TPI (will work with your Rem/Age barrel)
– Remington 700 footprint (works with Rem 700 stocks and chassis with little to no inletting)
– Integral recoil lug
– Integral 20 MOA rail (Rem mag cut will have a split integral 20 moa rail for top loading)
– M116 extractor
– Changeable bolt body (change calibers easily without buying whole bolt)
– Side bolt release
– Accepts Remington 700 triggers (comes with trigger pins)
– Spiral fluted bolt (2 lug)
– New rigid body design (round bottom) for top accuracy
– Threaded bolt handle (5/16” – 24 TPI)
– Melonite bolt and firing pin
– .700” bolt nose diameter
– Action body- 416 stainless action body
– Bolt- 4140 chrome moly
– We will also inventory the BAT rear entry action wrench (see NSS tools)


– Mag- AI mag cut, AW mag cut, Rem 700 mag cut, or Single shot
– Short or Long Action
– Action body bead blast or DLC coated
– Bolt Knob- Tactical or standard


NSS-BAT Action


Match Grade Barrels

Northland Shooters Supply (NSS) offers high-quality aftermarket upgraded barrels from Criterion Barrels, Inc. and Shilen Rifles, Inc. These hand lapped match grade barrels are available for both Savage and Remington Rifles. NSS offers the Criterion-Savage, Criterion-Remington (Rem/Age), and the Shilen-Savage barrels. NSS maintains extensive inventories of these brands of barrels. We also offer custom ordering of specific calibers or contours to custom fit shooter applications. NSS supplies barrels from these manufacturers to customers from the recreational hunter up to the nationally competitive shooter. Customers that have purchased Criterion and Shilen barrels from Northland have gone on to set new national shooting records in competition. Recreational hunters and shooters that have upgraded their rifles using NSS precision ground heavy duty recoil lugs, NSS squared and trued barrel nuts, and aftermarket match grade barrels have seen more consistent shot placement at extended ranges. For additional information on all the Northland Shooters Supply offered barrels, please click on the buttons below for a direct link to learn more about the aftermarket match grade barrels that NSS has to offer.

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Precision ground recoil lug and squared and true barrel nut

After Market NSS Precision Parts

Northland Shooters Supply (NSS) offers the precision ground heavy duty recoil lug and the squared and trued barrel nut.  

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