Looks Like It Will Be a Shooter

Keith P. recently messaged us regarding his new 6.5 Criterion barrel that he purchased from Northland Shooters Supply. Keith had the following to say. “This picture shows a 3 shot group at 100 yards from my new 6.5 barrel on a Remington action mounted in a Mcrees chassis. Looks like it will be a shooter!”…

260 Criterion Build

NSS Tools and Upgraded Parts Prove Excellent for a 260 Rem Match Build

Phil B. of Ohio recently sent us some great information regarding his use of NSS tools, NSS upgraded parts, and an NSS 260 Criterion barrel. Phil had the following to say about his purchase. “Hi James, Here’s a pic of my rifle with the 260 Criterion barrel installed. Using your action vise & barrel nut…


NSS Remington 783 Rem/Age Conversion

We recently received some great information from a Nathan B. regarding his NSS 783 Rem/Age build. He was so pleased with the results from his build that he shared his story on the forum. You can view that story and the pictures from his build by clicking on the link below. CLICK HERE

Happy Customer

Another Satisfied NSS Rem/Age Customer

Adam S. from Maryland recently sent us a note regarding his new 308 Rem/Age build. Adam had the following to say regarding his purchase. “Good morning James, I just wanted to say thank you again for the great service and great products.  The tools are top notch and the barrel I really can’t say enough…


.6mm BR Norma Varmint Savage Build

Dan N. of Texas sent us an e-mail regarding his success with his recent Savage .6mm BR Norma build.  Dan had the following to say. “Hello James, I am quite pleased with the results of a Savage build starting with a Model 10 .243 Sporter barrel with plastic stock. Ending with a .6mm BR Norma…


Customer Build with a 223 Wylde

Jeff Y. of Michigan recently sent us some information regarding his build with a NSS 223 Wylde Criterion barrel. Here is what Jeff had to say. “I took the latest barrel to the range that you sent me, 223 Wylde 1-8 for a break in, and load testing. I did very little load development before hand and…

Jeff A Group

Customer Build using NSS Barrel and Savage Target Action

Jeff A. of Florida recently reached out to let us know about his recent NSS barrel and Savage Target Action build.  Here is what Jeff had to say. “Here is a picture of the rifle and I included the latest target shoot.  Awesome groups! All 5 shots at 100 yards.” Thanks for sending in the pictures…


6.5 Creedmoor Rem/Age Customer Build

We recently received some feedback from another satisfied customer.  John S. of Fort Worth, Texas had the following to say about his build. “Here is a photo of my 6.5 Creedmoor Rem/Age.  Trued Rem700 action.  Criterion 6.5 Creedmoor 1 in 8 twist barrel at 24 inches threaded on an MPA chassis. It’s and absolute hammer!”…


Satisfied Rem/Age Build

We recently received some information from a satisfied customer from Tennessee.  He recently purchased a Rem/Age system and had the following to say. “I recently purchased a Rem/age system and wanted to respond. I’m extremely happy with your service as well as the simplicity of this outfit I purchased from you. This pictures is the group…

Gene from Ohio

62nd Birthday 200 Yard Success

Thanks Gene for sending in the great photo and information regarding your recent Northland Shooters Supply build! See what Gene had to say below. “Got the rifle Thursday evening, mounted a Sightiron SIII 6×24-50 on NF rings and 20 MOA base. I loaded some new Lapua brass Saturday with 70 Gr Nosler B-Tips, with CCI…