Criterion Remage barrel 6.5 creedmoor

Criterion RemAge 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel Gets The Job Done

Jim P. of California recently sent us a note regarding his most recent Criterion RemAge 6.5 Creedmoor build. The barrel is a 28” Bull. Here is what Jim had to say about his build:

“ I received your barrel and spun it on yesterday, broke it in, developed a load, and had it hitting a 10″ steel plate consistently out to 700 yards by yesterday afternoon. Your barrel is awesome! Thanks again, and I’ll definitely be getting more products from you in the future.”

Thanks for the note Jim and happy shooting!

Criterion Remage 6.5 Creedmoor barrel


“Big Mac” Gets The Job Done With A Shilen 223 AI Barrel

Thad B. of Wyoming recently sent us a note regarding his most recent build and it was a bit of a unique one. See what Thad had to say below.

“Hey, just a thumbs up.

Took the new barrel out today to do some load development using CFE223. The barrel is a 30″ Shilen 223-AI 7-twist select match mounted to an older mod 12 action and the brand new SAV II trigger you sent me (thanks). The unique thing about this rifle is the 50cal stock (Big Mac) I inletted for a Savage action. The stock manufacturer wouldn’t inlet this stock for a savage action and said it wouldn’t work because the stock is too robust. I hate when someone tells me “can’t” or “no”. Told them it was going to cost me $450 to find out for myself and send me a “flat top with sniper fill”. Never underestimate a Marine. Anyhow. The stock is huge and heavy. Pillar bedded with Devcon aluminum putty. Notice my final velocity with 28gr of CFE223. 3166fps and no pressure signs.  It’s going to make a beautiful addition to the arsenal of guns I take to prairie dog town this spring.”

Thanks for the note Thad and happy shooting!

Thad_B_2 Thad_B_3


F-Class National Junior Record Set with Shilen NSS Barrel

Isabel S. of Texas recently broke the F-Class National Junior Record and tied the Women’s National Record with a Shilen 1-8 Twist 223 Wylde Bull Barrel purchased from Northland Shooters Supply (NSS)

Congratulations to Isabel and you can read her story below.


NSS: Tell us a little about the event

Isabel: I shot in a long-range F-Class TR competition. The competition consisted of 3 matches. For each match, everyone shoots twenty shots for score at a target while lying prone with a rifle resting on a bipod or sandbags at a specific distance, in this case, 300 yards. The maximum score, X, has a numerical value of 10 and is used as a tiebreaker. The X is essentially a smaller bullseye within the 10 ring. My score of 200-14 stands for 200 points, 14 x. This means I did not drop any points (did not shoot outside the 10 ring) and got 14 of my 20 shots within the X ring.

NSS: We understand you have only been shooting competitively for 2 years, how did you get started in the sport?

Isabel: My dad encouraged me to start and I was happy to spend more time with him. I have a twin brother who also shoots competitions and we can get pretty competitive sometimes.

NSS: How often do you compete?

Isabel: I don’t compete very often. I think I average about three times a year or so.

NSS: We understand that you previously broke this record, but that event was not a registered match. How does it feel to repeat this feat and have it officially count?

Isabel: It’s a huge relief. I tried not to overthink things after the first record did not count, so I would not tense up during matches (after all, I’m here to have fun), but it was really nice to prove myself again.

NSS: Anything else you would like to add?

Isabel: Everyone always supports each other, especially in F-Class. It’s a lot of fun and I’d recommend it.


Definitely Not My Last Northland Barrel

John S. of Alabama recently sent us a note regarding his most recent build using a Criterion 6.5 Creedmoor barrel purchased from Northland Shooters Supply (NSS). John had the following to say.

“Y’all have done it again!  This is my 2nd barrel and both shoot 1/4 MOA.  I’m still tweaking the load, but this picture is what I got at 200 yards with Hornady 140gr match over 36 grains of benchmark seated in Lapua brass.

Specs- Remington 700 action, 26 in Varmint Criterion barrel with Jp Enterprises break, Vortex PST, Timney trigger, and Grayboe stock. Both the 6BR (previous barrel purchased at NSS) and 6.5 Creedmoor are well below MOA out to 1,000 yards. Definitely not my last barrel!”

Thanks for the note John and happy shooting!


Criterion Rem/Age 6.5 Creedmoor Build

Stan U. of Louisiana sent us information regarding his most recent build.  Stan installed a Criterion Rem/Age barrel.  It was a 24″ lite varmint contour with an 8 twist.  Here is what Stan had to say about his build:

“Still working up loads for the new barrel and I heard a lot of good stuff regarding Reloader17 and the 6.5 so I thought I’d give it a try. Best load of the day was a 4 shot .312” group at 200 yards. Hornady brass, BR-2 primer, Sierra 123 HPBTM, 41.0 gr Reloader17. I get better groups with my Remage 24-inch barrel than people I shoot with that have spent WAAAAAY more money on their barrels.

Thanks again for the great barrel and for helping me with the swap. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the opportunity to brag about my Criterion barrel when people at the range look at my target and the barrel nut and say “who’s barrel is that?”.”

Thanks for the message Stan and great shooting!!


Criterion Rem/Age 280 Build

Thomas M. of Mississippi sent us these pictures and info regarding his recent build.  Thomas used a Northland Shooters Supply Remington 700 left-hand action, 26″ Criterion 280  Rem/Age barrel in a heavy sporter contour with an NSS precision ground recoil lug and NSS squared and trued barrel nut.  Here is what Thomas had to say about his build:

“This is the 280 Rem I built for my son. I ordered the left handed Remington 700 action and Criterion Rem/Age barrel in 280 from Northland then bedded it in a Bell and Carlson Alaskan stock.
This group was about 20 shots into the shoot and clean process. The top shot was a clean cold bore and then the other 3 behind that.
I now have three barrels from Northland and they all perform great. I also have the action wrench and taper loc tools that make the Rem/Age install a snap.
Mr. James can  answer any questions I have and they always have great service.”

Thanks for the message Thomas and happy shooting!


Texas Sniper Criterion Rem/Age Review

Dylan O. of Texas sent us these pictures of his recent Rem/Age build.  Dylan used a Northland Trued Remington 700 Action, 24″ Criterion Rem/Age 6.5 Creedmoor bull barrel, APA Little Bastard muzzle brake, and a Rifle Basix L-1K trigger. Here is what Dylan had to say:

“I put together a Remington 700 last year with all NSS sourced parts and wanted to give a review of the rifle:

Trued Remington 700 Short Action
24″ 1:8 Criterion RemAge 6.5mm Creedmoor
NSS Recoil Lug
NSS Barrel Nut
APA Little Bastard Brake
Rifle Basix L1 Trigger

I’m a Sniper Team Leader with a law enforcement agency in the Austin, Texas area. This rifle was built to replace the factory .308 Win I was using at the time and this rifle has blown me away. The entire system, optic included, totaled $3,100 and it shoots like it’s worth $12,000

Half MOA or better, shooting touching groups at 100 yards without fail and ringing steel at 1,100 yards without issue. Highly pleased with the rifle and the personal service received from NSS. Not one hiccup in the purchasing, shipping, receiving, or building process. Great rifle.

The stock is a Bell & Carlson Target/Competition model. It has only been out for a year or two, it appears to be a Manners / McMillan A4-A5 clone…functions great.  It has a full-length aluminum bedding block.

This steel target photo is a 550-yard group on a 6″x6″ head.

Thanks for an awesome rifle and you have a barrel customer for life.”

Thanks for the message Dylan and great shooting!


Criterion 6.5 Creedmoor Build

Terrence E. of California sent us a picture of his rifle and target from his recent build using a Criterion Savage barrel.  The target was with factory Hornady ammo.  Here is what Terrence had to say  “I  would like to thank you for all the help with my build. Attached are the results of my 6.5 Creedmore build. After break-in and doing my part in shooting fundamentals I was truly impressed with the results and never knew such accuracy was achievable without the traditional lathe and a gunsmith. I can’t wait to start developing accuracy loads for the rifle.

26″ Criterion SS match barrel
Precision ground HD recoil lug and barrel nut
KRG chassis torqued to spec
Hornady 140 gr hpbt (American Gunner) factory ammo
.0149” group at 100yds