6.5 Creedmoor

Another Happy 6.5 Creedmoor Build

Matt V. of Tennessee recently sent us some photos of his 6.5 Creedmoor Criterion-Savage build. Matt had the following to say.

“I spoke with you about my 6.5 Creedmoor 26in Criterion heavy barrel a few weeks ago that I bought from you. I recently bought a Bell and Carlson Savage M40 stock and that solved my problem with weird groups I was getting and shots being strung out vertically.  This barrel is completely free floated from the recoil lug on out and the stock has an aluminum bedding block in it. Anyways, this is just more or less a feedback about the barrel which prints incredibly small groups now and with about 800 rounds through it. Here’s some pics that I wanted to show. Anyways, thanks again and I will definitely be buying more criterion barrels from you.”

All 5 shots groups at 100 yards

140 gr hornady pic#1
1st pic is 140 gr hornady bthp

139 gr Lapua pic#2
2nd pic is Lapua 139gr scenar bthp

140 gr nosler pic#3
3rd pic is Nosler custom completion 140gr bthp


1000 yard doe

Deer Shot at 1000 Yards with 6.5 Creedmoor

Joseph K. of Georgia recently sent us a photo of his 2016 deer hunt where he took down his doe at 1000 yards with his 6.5 Creedmoor Criterion barrel. Joseph had the following to say.

“I took this Doe last evening at 1000 yards with the 6.5 Creedmoor. Amazing rifles, can’t say enough about the CBI barrels. Every one that I’ve built has been perfect 1000 yard accuracy, even with Hornady factory ammo. This was with my hand load -Berger 140 VLD bullet.  Perfect heart lung shot and she ran about 70 yards.”

Thanks for the photo Joseph and happy hunting!

1000 yard Shilen

1000 Yard Shilen 6mm Dasher Shoot

Jamie L. of North Carolina recently sent us some photos of his 1000 yard shoot with his 6mm Dasher Shilen barrel. Here is what Jamie had to say.

“Savage 12 target action using a Shilen 6mm dasher with an 8-twist.  With NSS trued barrel nut and recoil lug.  Pacific Tool and Gauge bolt face and Dave Lambert lift kit.
Shot the targets at Harry Jones range and won the 6 match Agg. My load is RL 15 with EPS 106 bullets.”

1000 Shilen shoot

Thanks for the photos Jamie and happy shooting!


Father-Daughter Long Range Shooting Success!

Father-Daughter Participate in Long Range Shooting with NSS Criterion Rem/Age Barrels, NSS Recoil Lugs, and NSS Barrel Nuts.

We recently received news that 15 year old Savannah and father Aaron from Utah successfully completed various long range milk jug challenge shoots. Savannah completed the 1000 yard milk jug challenge, hitting it twice including her very first shot, with a NSS Criterion Rem/Age .243 build.

Aaron recently completed the 1500 yard milk jug challenge with a NSS Criterion Rem/Age 7mm build. Besides the 1500 yard challenge, Aaron has also completed the 1000 yard, 1200 yard, and 1 mile milk jug challenges. Aaron used NSS Rem/Age barrels (.243 and 7mm) to complete all of these challenges.

Congratulations to Savannah and Aaron!

You can see the videos for Savannah and Aaron’s shoots below.