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2 Thoughts to “National F/TR Record Tied with Northland Shooters Supply Rem/Age Barrel”

  1. James Duncan

    My Shilen 6.5 Creedmoor in a LRP rifle shoots lights out. I usually build Remingtons starting with stock 700 actions and baving tbem blue printed, hand lapped, etc. I got a deal on a Savage LRP and shot the barrel out. I was torn between getting a Bartlein 5R like on my 5 Remingtons but I went wjh a prechambered Shilen after several emails and phone calls. Well – it shoots and then some. Easy 1 hole at 100 meters with handlods using 123 Grain AMAX and IMR 4451 or 130 Grain Berger VLD with IMR 4350. Of course H 4350 and Varget shoot well but not like the other 2

    Northland is the only way to go with Savage rifles. Period and end of discussion.

    1. Northland Shooters Supply

      Thanks for the message James. We’re glad your happy with your choice!

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