Remington 700 Single Shot Actions Available

Remington 700 Single Shot


Northland Shooters Supply currently offers the following Remington 700 single shot actions from inventory:

– Remington 700 short action stainless steel, single shot, 308 bolt face, X Mark Pro trigger  = $465.00

This would be an ideal action for your custom NSS exclusive REM/AGE rifle barrel system.

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4 Thoughts to “Remington 700 Single Shot Actions Available”

  1. Gary Christian

    How do I order your Single shot Rem. 700 action?
    Gary Christian
    Meridian, ID.

    1. Northland1

      Hi Gary.

      Please give us a call at 763-682-4296 and we can help you with that.

  2. Larry Skinner

    Do you have a 700 action with a floor plate

    1. Northland Shooters Supply

      Hi Larry. Please give us a call.

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