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Northland Shooters Supply (NSS) offers NSS Rem/Age barrels which are hand-lapped match-grade Criterion pre-fit barrels completely finished and fully chambered. These barrels are manufactured by Criterion Barrels Inc. and as the name Rem/Age implies, these barrels are a hybrid combination of the Remington Model 700 Rifles and a Savage style barrel nut mounted barrel.

These barrels fit Remington 700 actions and many custom actions with Remington 700 style thread and bolt nose.

Installation is done using the NSS Rem/Age barrel nut and NSS precision ground heavy-duty recoil lug. These barrel nuts are designed to work with the Savage barrel nut wrenches, therefore no special tools are required.

NSS also offers the NSS taper loc recoil lug system and NSS action wrench for the installation of the Rem/Age barrel so you no longer need to pin or notch your action.

Just to clarify, swapping your Remington 700 barrel will no longer require a Gunsmith. An additional added bonus for this system is that you can have multiple interchangeable barrels for the same rifle.


Stainless Match Finish Option - Hand-Lapped

  • Less than 24": $315
  • 24"-26": $300
  • 27"-28": $320
  • 29"-30": $340

    Chrome Moly Match Finish Option - Barrels sold in the White (Not Blued)

  • Less than 24": $300
  • 24"-26": $285
  • 27"-28": $305
  • 29"-30": $325



    11 Degree Target Crown

  • Ideal for target and bench rest shooters
  • Target Crown

    Recessed Crown

  • Ideal for hunters
  • Recessed Crown


    Bead Blast Finish: $35

    Cerakote Finish: Click Here for Cerakote Finish Options

  • Cerakote Barrel, Lug, and Nut: $75
  • Cerakote Lug and Nut: $15
  • Cerakote Action: $75
  • Cerakote Muzzle Brake: $15
  • Fluting: $150

    Muzzle Threading: $75

    Criterion Muzzle Brake - Installed: $175 (includes barrel thread and muzzle brake)

    Criterion Blended Muzzle Brake - Installed: $195 (includes barrel thread and muzzle brake)

    APA Muzzle Brakes Also Available