New Caliber Now Available

Northland Shooters Supply now has a new caliber available from  Shilen Rifles.

The new caliber is 6.5 PRC.


Savage Short Action 18519 – Blind Magazine or Hinged Floor Plate

Just in! We’ve got new Savage short actions and we’re running a special. These are unfinished actions and they will need to be finished with bluing, cerakote, etc. The good news is that we’ve got a special on our cerakote option just for this action!

Here are the specs on the action with options:
– Right hand
– Short action
– Small or large shank
– .473 bolt face with trigger guard
– Blind magazine or hinged floor plate
– TOP BOLT RELEASE with AccuTrigger

Want just the action? The cost is $330
Want to get the action with a cerakote finish? The cost is $390

You’ll save 29% on the cerakote cost!



Black and Stainless Thread Protectors

Northland Shooters Supply (NSS) offers knurled thread protectors in stainless and black in the following thread pitches.

– 9/16″-24 (Heavy Sporter and Light Varmint Barrel): $11.99 in Stainless or Black
– 5/8″-24, .820 DIA (Varmint Barrel): $11.99 in Stainless or Black
– 5/8″-24, .930 DIA (MTU Barrel): $12.99 in Stainless or Black
– 3/4″-24 (MTU or Bull Barrel): $12.99 in Stainless or Black



Savage Model 116 Action – Top Bolt Release

Are you looking for a Savage Model 116 TOP BOLT RELEASE action? We’ve got them in stock for only $440 and they are a rare find!

Here are the specs:

– Savage Model 116 action
– Stainless
– Right Hand
– Long Action
– Small Shank
– .532 Bolt Face with Trigger Guard
– Oversized Bolt Handle
– Blind Magazine
– TOP BOLT RELEASE and Accutrigger

Savage Model 116 Action with Top Bolt Release