KRG Bravo Tool-Less Buttpad Height Mechanism


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KRG Bravo chassis allows you to customize the chassis for your exact needs with endless options and accessories. NSS stocks a few of the most popular accessories to help customize your KRG Bravo for your exact needs and comfort.

KRG Bravo accessores:

  • Hook-Style cover
  • ARCA Rail
  • Tool-less buttpad height mechanism
  • 3 different spigot options

Cost: (2 different options)
Polymer or Aluminum

With the tool-less buttpad you can make tool-less height and cant adjustments to your KRG Bravo chassis. With the tool-less adjustment, it’s easy to lower the buttpad to get a cleaning rod down the bore or to adjust the buttpad when transitioning between different shooting positions such as seated to prone. It has ample set positions for height plus positions for 15 degrees of cant each way.

Two options on product material:

  • Polymer
  • Aluminum

Weight: approximately 3 ounces

NOTE: Does not come with buttpad, use your existing buttpad.

Additional information

Product Material

Aluminum, Polymer