Criterion 204 Ruger Build


Stephen M. of Missouri reached out regarding his recent Criterion 204 Ruger build. Stephen purchased the following products from Northlands Shooters Supply (NSS) for his build.

  • 26″ Criterion 204 Ruger in a Bull contour with 11 twist.
  • NSS Precision Ground Recoil Lug
  • NSS Square and Trued Barrel Nut

Stephen had the following to say about his build.

“Here’s a pic of a three-round test load group from the new Criterion barrel you sold me for my old Savage LRPV in 204 Ruger. They are 28.9 and 29.0gn of Hodgden’s CFE 223 powder, .005 off the lands, Federal Premium GM205M primers, 39gn Sierra Blitzking bullets. The target circle is 5/8 dia. I shot this at 100 yards. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results!”

Thanks for the note Stephen and happy shooting!