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Who We Are

We are a second-generation family-owned business. Northland Shooters Supply has been dedicated to providing top quality affordable shooting components to the shooting industry since the 1990s.  We are a one-stop-shop for all rifle builds and rifle upgrades.  We have everything from match grade barrels, actions, upgraded components, and the tools you will need to complete your rifle build.

We Offer Many Items Including Criterion Barrels, Shilen Barrels, and Remage Barrels

We currently offer two brands of hand lapped Match Grade rifle barrels. We offer pre-fit drop-in Savage Criterion barrels and pre-fit drop-in Savage Shilen barrels ready to go in various contours. We are pioneers in the shooting industry with the introduction of our Remage barrels that are pre-fit Remington replacement barrels for Remington 700 rifles. We also offer factory and trued Remington 700 actions, factory and trued Savage actions, and Bighorn actions that can be used with any of the barrels that we offer.

We understand the importance of quality parts, which is why we offer an upgraded precision ground heavy-duty recoil lug and precision (squared and trued) barrel nut for all Savage, Remington 700, and Remington 783 rifles. We also have specialized hand tools for assembly and disassembly of Savage and Remington rifles for the installation of aftermarket or replacement barrels such as an action wrenchtaper loc,  barrel nut wrenchand headspace gauges (gages).

Besides match grade barrels, actions, parts, and tools, we also offer triggers and muzzle brakes. We have Remington triggers by Triggertech, Rifle Basix, and Shilen. Along with the Remington trigger options, we also have Savage trigger options by Rifle Basix. We have the Gen II Fat Bastard, Gen II Little Bastard, and Gen II Micro Bastard muzzle brakes by American Precision Arms.

Most importantly, We Have Ready to Ship Inventory on Hand!