criterion 308 win build

Timothy L. of Mississippi sent us some photos and info about his 308 Win build using a Criterion barrel and Shilen Competition trigger purchased from Northland Shooters Supply.

Here are some of the items Timothy used for his build:

Here is what Timothy had to say about his build:
“Attached are a couple photos of my .308 build. This is my first custom rifle. I bought the 26” Criterion Savage Small shank barrel and 2 oz Shilen trigger from you guys. Both have been absolute top performers. I’m using this rig to compete in the PRS Tactical Division. I look forward to ordering more barrels from you in the future (Looking at you 6 GT).”

Other specs:
-Aero Precision Solus Short Action
-KRG Bravo Chassis
-MDT Bipod
-Sig Sauer Tango 4 6-24×50 MIL Scope
-Sandman S Suppressor

Load Info:
-PPU Brass
-168gr HPBT Speer Bullets
-N150 Powder
-Primers whatever I can find
-Average Vel ~2712 FPS
-SD 12 FPS