Shilen 6ARC

Earl M. of Idaho sent us some photos and info on his recent 6 ARC build using a Shilen Rifles Inc. barrel and Zermatt Arms TL3 action. The target shows the first shots out of the barrel with shots marked #1 and #2 as his sighters and 6 shots to follow.

Here are some of the components Earl used on his build:

Here is what Earl had to say about his build:

“Got the 6 ARC barrel from UPS last night so screwed it into the Zermatt Arms TL3 I got from you earlier with the barrel nut. Took it to the range this AM in the rain to just zero the scope. Took only 2 shots to zero at 100 yards and shot a 6 shot group so these are the very first shots through this new rifle using factory Hornady 105 BTHP ammo. I found out at the range that I only brought 8 rounds so luckily getting zero went easy. I think I did one .1 mil click left on the windage after shot #2.  I was pleasantly surprised. Got to play with some reloads next.”