6mm Creedmoor Shilen Rifle Build Success

Customer Testimonial

Glenn F. of Ohio sent us some photos of his recent 6mm Creedmoor build using a Shilen Rifles Inc. Barrel. The picture is 10 shots at 100 yards.

Here are the Specs on the barrel Glenn used for his build:

  • 30” Shilen Stainless Select match- large shank Savage- 6mm Creedmoor (.275”)- bull barrel contour- 7 twist- 11 deg target crown
  • Forster headspace gauges

Here is what Glen had to say:

“Here are some pictures of load development from the barrel you mailed me last week. The Shilen Select Match 6 mm Creedmoor seven twist. Two of these groups were shot at 100 yards and labeled. The group that was shot with one little hole is a 10-shot group with a Berber 95 VLD, 42 grains of H 4831, those were my last ten in the box. The group was actually shot during the break-in period. In between each shot, I cleaned with a patch. The second picture is with Barnes 112 grain Match Burners, and 40 grains of H4831 shortcut which is a starting load. 1 shot was pulled.”