6mm Dasher Criterion Barrel Build

6mm Dasher Build

Donald C. of Pennsylvania sent some photos of his recent 6mm Dasher build using a Criterion Barrels, Inc. barrel and a Zermatt Arms / Bighorn Arms Action purchased from Northland Shooters Supply (NSS). Here are the parts Donald purchased from NSS for his build:

  • Zermatt Arms TL3 single shot right bolt/ left port action
  • Criterion 28” bull barrel-6mm Dasher-7.5 twist
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut
  • TriggerTech Diamond Pro Curved trigger

Here is what Donald had to say about his build: “The new build went very smooth and the rifle shoots very well, winning the first shoot I put her in. I am planning to shoot in the World Finals in Williamsport in 2022.

The build was:

  1. Zermatt arms TL3 single-shot action.
  2. Criterion 28″ stainless barrel in 6mm Dasher.
  3. Weaver Scopes T-series XR 45×45 scope.
  4. Vortex rings & 20 MOA rail from Zermatt Arms.
  5. ProtekTor Stocks Model Desert Orange 1000 yd bench rest stock.
  6. TriggerTech Diamond Trigger.
  7. 105-grain Berger Bullets

These two targets prove the quality & accuracy of the Criterion Barrels and Zermatt Actions. Both groups are 7 shot groups. I order my ProtekTor Stocks with the full aluminum bedding block.”