6X47 Lapua Rem/Age Load Development


rifle-1Nate M. of Indiana sent us some pictures of his recent Rem/Age build.

“Due to being so proud of my recent build and being impressed with the quality of my new 6×47 Lapua barrel,  I thought I would copy you on a couple of pictures.  The rifle is my new 20” Rem/Age barrel on a Surgeon 591 short action reciever, in a McMillan stock topped off with Vortex Razor.  I’m currently in the load development stage, but even the largest groups are no larger than 1/2 minute in size.  I am very impressed with the Criterion barrels I have, and even though the lead time was a bit longer on this one, it was well worth the wait.  Northland will continue to be my go-to supplier for barrels etc in the future as needed.  I thought my pic may be good for your website encouraging those guys that don’t quite like the barrel nut setup, especially on a custom action, to think again….

Thank you for your great customer service and i will speak with you soon as the need presents itself.”