Barrel Blank Build Success

Barrel Blank Success

Scott W. of North Dakota purchased a .264 caliber Shile Rifles, Inc. barrel blank from Northland Shooters Supply (NSS) for his build.

Scott purchased a:
– Shilen Stainless Select Match contoured barrel blank in a .264 caliber-#5 ½ Varmint contour-8 Ratchet twist

Here is what Scott had to say about his barrel:
“I bought a Shilen 8 Ratchet twist blank from you using a certificate you donated to the Flatland Precision Cash Shootout. Joel Ackerman (Niteowl Repair LLC) in Dickinson, ND cut it to 22″ and chambered it in 260 Ackley. Got it dialed in today at 100yds shooting the Berger 130gr VLD Hunting bullets at 2960fps. Shot some of my best groups ever with it. Clearly, this is a barrel of phenomenal quality. I’ll be using it to hunt deer, elk, and bear in the upcoming year. I want to thank you again for your donation to the match, and for selling an excellent product. I’ll be back!”

Thanks for the note, Scott!