Criterion Rem/Age 224 Valkyrie

Stan U 224 Valkyrie

Stan U. of Louisiana reached out regarding his Criterion 224 Valkyrie Rem/Age build. Stan purchased the following items from Northland Shooters Supply (NSS).

  • 24″ Criterion Rem/Age 224 Valkyrie in a light varmint contour.
  • NSS Precision Ground Recoil Lug
  • NSS Squared and Trued Barrel Nut
  • Manson Reamers 224 Valkyrie Go and NoGo Gauges

Stan had the following to say about his build.

“Here’s five shots at 100 yards at 0.111. I was using a Sierra 80 grn HPBTM, 15 thous jump, 27.1 gr. of  PP2000, BR-4 primers, Starline brass and surprisingly enough, and a very slight right at the case mouth crimp with a Lee collet crimper.

Thanks again for ANOTHER great barrel. “

Thanks for the note Stan and happy shooting.

Stan U 0.111 target