Father-Daughter Long Range Shooting Success!


Father-Daughter Participate in Long Range Shooting with NSS Criterion Rem/Age Barrels, NSS Recoil Lugs, and NSS Barrel Nuts.

We recently received news that 15 year old Savannah and father Aaron from Utah successfully completed various long range milk jug challenge shoots. Savannah completed the 1000 yard milk jug challenge, hitting it twice including her very first shot, with a NSS Criterion Rem/Age .243 build.

Aaron recently completed the 1500 yard milk jug challenge with a NSS Criterion Rem/Age 7mm build. Besides the 1500 yard challenge, Aaron has also completed the 1000 yard, 1200 yard, and 1 mile milk jug challenges. Aaron used NSS Rem/Age barrels (.243 and 7mm) to complete all of these challenges.

Congratulations to Savannah and Aaron!

You can see the videos for Savannah and Aaron’s shoots below.