1st and 2nd Place Finish at Rockcastle Long Range Team Shoot

Congratulations to the Northland Shooters Supply sponsored shooting team for their excellent finish this past weekend at the Rockcastle Long Range team match! Isaiah C. and Derek D. finished 1st place. Mike B. and Kade S. finished 2nd place. Both teams had the following to say.

First Place Finish in Rockcastle Long Range Team Match

Isaiah C.- “I would like to thank Northland Shooters Supply for there support for the 2018 shooting season. I can’t say enough good about this company and how friendly they are and how fast they make things happen. I was fortunate enough to bring home a first-place finish along with my teammate Derek in the rock castle Long range series yesterday. Thanks to all that put such an amazing match together and a huge thanks to Northland for all their support for us. Great quality parts are what keeps these rifles going round after round when we need them the most. Also congratulations to Mike and Kade for bringing home the second place spot great shooting guys!!”

Second Place Finish in Rockcastle Long Range Team Match

Mike B. – “I am happy to report that I, along with my teammate Kade, was able to bring home a second place finish from the Rockcastle Long Range Rifle Series team match this past Saturday. The Bighorn Arms TL3 action ran flawlessly, as it has every match this season, and the TriggertechDiamond trigger never disappoints. A huge part of being successful in this sport is having bulletproof reliable equipment that will perform in all conditions, every time. That is what you get at Northland Shooters Supply. Thank you Northland for your continued support throughout this season.”

Congratulations guys and great shooting!