Loving His 22-250 Barrel Build

22-250, HS Precision Stock

Joseph K. of Georgia recently sent us a message regarding his Savage build. Joe is using a Savage target action and a large shank 22-250 Criterion barrel. During barrel break in, he had the following to say.

“I couldn’t help myself this morning and decided to tweak the load after I said I wouldn’t, and now I really am done. I added a full grain of varget, which is the book max and moved the bullet out closer to the lands 10 thousands and this is the 7 shot group it produced.  This is good enough for me.  I guess if I were a competitor I would mess with it more, but this is what I call perfect.
What a great barrel  from Criterion, as they all have been. This is literally the third load I’ve tried.” Thanks for the story Joe and happy shooting!

7 shots @ 100 Yds