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Northland Shooters Supply (NSS) designed an action wrench called the NSS Action Wrench that works as a Savage action wrench or Remington 700 action wrench that also corrects the interference issues created when Savage went to the 4.4″ short-action action-screw spacing. When Savage moved to this spacing, shooters using one of the premium recoil lugs with the alignment pins developed a clearance issue with the alignment pins.

  • The NSS Action Wrench will work with the following configurations:
    • All Savage Models:
      • 10 – 110
      • 11 – 111
      • 12 – 112
      • 14 –114
      • 16 –116
      • Axis
    • Remington 700 actions and All Rem/Age conversions
    • Stevens 200
    • Zermatt Arms/Bighorn Arms
    • Weatherby Mark V
    • Howa
    • Remington 783
  • Modifications to the cap portion and the main body of the action wrench to make it compatible with the center-feed and stagger-feed Savage actions.
  • All NSS Action Wrenches are fully radiused on all working surfaces.
  • All working surfaces are micromachined to avoid coarse contact surfaces.
  • The recoil lug notch is clearanced for all brands of recoil lugs.
  • The lower portion of the NSS Action Wrench has been machined for easy and secure mounting into a bench vise with the handle removed.
  • Most importantly, all components including the bolts, washers, socket head cap screw and Allen wrench are 100% “Made in the USA”.
Northland Shooters Supply NSS Action Wrench

Information and Costs: 

Cost: $69.50

  • NSS Action Wrench