Criterion Rem/Age 280 Build


Thomas M. of Mississippi sent us these pictures and info regarding his recent build.  Thomas used a Northland Shooters Supply Remington 700 left-hand action, 26″ Criterion 280  Rem/Age barrel in a heavy sporter contour with an NSS precision ground recoil lug and NSS squared and trued barrel nut.  Here is what Thomas had to say about his build:

“This is the 280 Rem I built for my son. I ordered the left handed Remington 700 action and Criterion Rem/Age barrel in 280 from Northland then bedded it in a Bell and Carlson Alaskan stock.
This group was about 20 shots into the shoot and clean process. The top shot was a clean cold bore and then the other 3 behind that.
I now have three barrels from Northland and they all perform great. I also have the action wrench and taper loc tools that make the Rem/Age install a snap.
Mr. James can  answer any questions I have and they always have great service.”

Thanks for the message Thomas and happy shooting!