RemAge 6.5 X 47 Lapua Build

Customer Testimonial (2)

Joe K. of Virginia sent us some photos and info on his RemAge 6.5 X 47 Lapua build using a Criterion Barrels Inc. barrel purchased from Northland Shooters Supply.

Here are the specs on Joe’s build:

  • 26” Criterion- MTU contour- 6.5×47 Lapua- 8 twist with muzzle thread
  • NSS black thread protector
  • Remington 700 action
  • McMillan U1 stock

Here is what Joe had to say about his build:

Wanted to report that my 6.5X47 Remage barrel has performed beyond expectations. With only about 40 rounds fired, my 3 to 5 round groups have been fantastic using 130 grain Berger bullets and Varget powder. The stock is a McMillan U1 stock with M5 bottom metal. Thx for a great product.