Shilen 308 Win Success!

Mark G 308 Win

Mark G. reached out regarding his recent .308 build. He purchased the following product from Northland Shooters Supply for this build.

– 28″ Shilen Rifles 308 WIN bull barrel
– Savage Arms Model 10 factory blueprint action
– NSS precision ground recoil lug
– NSS squared and trued barrel nut
– NSS action wrench
– NSS 4″ barrel nut wrench

Mark had the following to say about his build.
“I was doing some load development with surprising results. I did some seating depth testing to find the most accurate load depth. Question is, what won’t this barrel shoot? Trust me I am not a great shooter, but I try to have fun. I have tried about 5 different powders, with really good results.

I thought I would pass along a photo with some results. The Savage 10 Action I purchased from NSS along with the Shilen Select Match barrel is giving me fantastic results! Looking at another project soon with another caliber. I will be coming back to NSS without a doubt! Awesome service and products.”

Thanks for the note Mark and happy shooting!