Shilen 6BR Norma & Zermatt TL3 Single Shot Build

Shilen 6BR Norma & Zermatt TL3 Single Shot Build

Bill S. of Indiana sent us some photos and info on his 6BR Norma build using a Shilen Rifles, Inc. barrel purchased from NSS. Here are some of the components Bill used on his build:

  • 28”- Shilen stainless select match- small shank Savage- 6BR Norma- 8 twist
  • Zermatt Arms- TL3 Right bolt/Right port single shot
  • TriggerTech Diamond
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut
  • NSS Action Wrench

Here is what Bill had to say about his build:

“I’m having a blast with my new 6BR rifle and wanted to share the following testimonial with you. Several images are also attached.

In July 2022, I joined a local 300 yard F-Class league and got completely hooked on competitive shooting.

During the past offseason, I put together a new F-Open rifle using the following components purchased from NSS:

  • Zermatt Arms Bighorn TL3 single shot action
  • Trigger Tech Diamond trigger
  • Shilen Match Select barrel – 6BR Norma / 28″ Bull Contour / 1:8 twist
  • NSS Barrel Nut
  • NSS Action wrench
  • Manson headspace gauges

The barreled action is mounted in a McMillan Kestros stock and topped with a Sightron SV ED 10-50×60 scope mounted in Leupold rings.

So far in the 2023 season with the new rifle, my average score has increased by 4 points and my average X count has increased by 6. Just this past week, I also shot my first perfect score with a 400-29X.

The rifle has performed well in several 600 yd mid-range matches as well.

I owe much of this success to the great products, excellent advice and prompt service provided by Northland Shooters Supply. When the need arises, I will continue to call NSS for all of my precision shooting needs.”