Shilen 6mm Creedmoor VLD Build

Shilen 6mm Creedmoor VLD Build

Jason R. of Texas sent us some info on his 6mm Creedmoor VLD build using a Shilen Rifles Inc. barrel purchased from NSS.

Here are the components Jason used on his build:

  • 26”- Shilen stainless select match varmint contour- small shank Savage- 7 twist with muzzle thread
  • NSS precision ground recoil lug
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut
  • Forster Products headspace gauges

Here is what Jason had to say:

“Gotta brag on this 6 Creedmoor. 26″ Shilen 7” twist that I got from you on a Savage short action in a Boyd’s classic stock. Factory AccuTrigger adjusted to 15oz. Pillar bedded and I bedded the action real good. It’s a good fit now.

This target is 6 shots. Obviously, I pulled one and dropped it a quarter of an inch so I shot an extra to make up for that. That’s 5 shots in the top hole. This thing will shoot! It’s got the VLD chamber and it absolutely loves the 105gr Berger Target VLDs with 46.3 grains of H4831 powder. The EC Tuner brake on the end to finish it off.

Thanks for selling such good barrels. I’m in love with this rifle!”