Shilen Select Match 6mm Dasher Build

Tom B. of Kentucky recently sent in pictures of his new Shilen Select Match 6 Dasher build along with this message:

“I wanted to share with you the accuracy of that Shilen barrel, my new 6 Dasher, built on a new Savage 12FV.  These photos are of my targets while still fire forming my cases to the chamber. None of these photos are from fully formed cases yet. These are the raw 6BR cases. The first target is of 75 rounds fired at 100 yards.  Mind you, this is after I had fired 10 rounds from a new chamber while sighting in my rifle. I pulled the last two off to the right. At the very end as I was starting to get tired.

The second target was shot after I took a break.  It is 10 rounds inside of a dime with one true hole.  I was blown away, one that I can do that, but two because of the accuracy.  Mind you again, this is still fire forming my 6BR cases to my 6 Dasher chamber and barrel. Also attached a photo of the gun as well.  These 6mm BR shell cases were also my very first hand loads and I did these to Fire form with. I did not use my competition powder or bullets.  I did these loads using 29 grains of Shooters World Match Rifle Powder and Hornady 105 grain Match HPBT bullets.  My plans are to use the Sierra Matchking 107 HPBT bullets for my match level setup. Will see how they do once I finish forming and swap over. I am so impressed with these forming results I may continue using the Shooters World powder at $19.50 a pound. It is said to be really good and actually the “Old Accuracy Brand Powder.”  Don’t know what that means but seems really good. I have been talking to their ballistics guy and the owner of the company.

Anyway, just wanted you to see my results. Could not be more pleased. I am back out to the range today to finish my last 100 rounds of fire forming. Then to start my regular loads. I have a Match this weekend and cannot wait to get those ready. Will talk to you later.”

Thanks for the message Tom.