Swapping Out Barrels Was Almost Too Easy

Bill J Rifle

Bill J. of Tennessee sent us a message regarding his most recent build. He had the following to say.

“Just wanted to say thank you for all the help. I have never swapped barrels before so this was a first for me and you made the process almost too easy. I recently purchased the 308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor in the Criterion bull and a 243 Shilen Varmint. The first one I received was the 308 so, I put it on the action first. I am still looking for another short action for the others and also in the market for a long action to build a 300 Win Mag. I took the gun to the range this weekend and got some pretty impressive results. 5 shots at 50 yds to get on the target and adjust. Cleaned the barrel each of the first 5 shots.

Bill J target

Then proceeded to shoot a five shot group at 100 yds and did pull one as shown in this picture. Very impressed thus far. I was using 175 gr. BTHP pull downs that look like they may be SMK’s. Not consistent in weight and all loads were starting charge loads. I can’t wait to see what this gun will do once it gets a few more rounds through it. Again, thank you for making the project so easy to navigate.”

Thanks for your story Bill and happy shooting!