Bryce Burch (10 years old) Finishes 2nd with Northland Shooters Supply Barrel

Bryce B. 2nd Place Finish

Bryce and his Dad purchased a 28″ Criterion Barrels Inc. large shank Savage barrel from Northland Shooter Supply (NSS) chambered in 6BR Norma with an 8 twist.

Here is what Bryce and his dad had to say:

“Dead Zero in Spencer, TN held a 600 yard BR Match Aug 14. We had decent conditions all day long so Bryce Burch (10 years old) took advantage of it placing 2nd with an agg for the day of 3.34″ and a score of 187/4X with his Criterion barreled Savage sourced from Northland Shooters Supply.

He was also using a target action, Rifle Basix trigger, McMillan BR stock, and a T36 optic. The photo of the target is a sighter group I managed to snap a picture of before he went hot for score. Keep up the great service you guys provide for the next generation of shooters.”

Congrats and great shooting Bryce!

Bryce Burch 2nd Place Finish
Bryce Burch and his Dad at his 2nd Place Finish