221 Fireball

221 Fireball

Brandon D. of Virginia sent us some photos of his 221 Fireball build using a Shilen Rifles Inc. barrel purchased from NSS.

Here are the specs on the barrel and the tools he ordered:

  • 22” Shilen stainless select match- Large shank Savage- Bull contour- 12 twist
  • NSS action wrench
  • NSS 4” barrel nut wrench

Here is what Brandon had to say about his build:

“Some pictures of my build. Shilen prefit Savage large shank 22-inch bull barrel 221 fireball on a Savage target action and HS precision stock. The top target photo is a 20-shot break-in with factory Nosler 40-grain Varmageddon ammo. The bottom left target is another group with the same ammo 10 shots measuring around .236”. The bottom right group is 5 shots 40 grain Nosler boattail hand loads. Thanks for all yall’s help. I purchased yall’s tools from Northland as well. Great company, Thanks again.”