6.5×47 Lapua Remage Build

6.5x47 Lapua Remage Build

Bruce G. of Florida sent us some photos of his 6.5X47 Lapua Remage build purchased from Northland Shooters Supply.

Here are some of the components Bruce used on his build:

  • 20” Criterion Barrels Inc. Rem/Age barrel- light varmint contour- 6.5×47 Lapua- 8 twist
  • NSS precision ground recoil lug
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut
  • Beadblast finish
  • HS Precision stock
  • Hornady bullets
  • Hodgdon Varget powder

The top 3 shots in the target Bruce sent us are using 38 grains of Hodgdon Varget powder and 120 grain Hornady ELD-M bullets. The smallest 3-shot group Bruce shot so far with the 120 Grain ELD-M bullets is .136”. The 130-grain ELD-M is around .650” during barrel break-in.