223 Remington and 22 Creedmoor Rifle Builds

8-15-22_Customer Testimonial-1

Seth M. of Missouri sent us some photos of his recent builds using products purchased from Northland Shooters Supply (NSS). Seth purchased all the components for 1 complete build and components to re-barrel and restock an existing build.

Here are the components Seth purchased and had sent to his FFL:

  • Zermatt Arms Origin action with a .223 bolt face and a competition bolt knob
  • 26” Criterion- 223 Remington Match- small shank Savage – MTU contour- 7 twist with muzzle thread
  • 26” Criterion – 22 Creedmoor- Rem/Age barrel- MTU contour- 7 twist with muzzle thread
  • NSS precision ground recoil lug
  • 2 NSS squared and trued barrel nuts
  • Forster Products headspace gauges
  • TriggerTech Primary Stainless trigger
  • 2 KRG Bravo chassis
  • 2 KRG Bravo Hook style covers
  • 2 NSS thread protectors
  • 2 American Precision Arms (APA) Gen 2 Little Bastards

Here is what Seth had to say about his builds:

“These Rifles are shooting bug holes….. should have taken pictures of the targets…. the black and bronze one is the 22 Creedmoor.”

Thanks again Seth and sharp paint jobs on both builds.