6BR Norma Shilen Build Success

Gyen 6BR Norma Build

Gyen M. of Ohio sent us some information on his last build using a Shilen 6BR Norma barrel and Zermatt TL3 single shot action both purchased from NSS.

He installed the barrel on a custom-made stock. Here are some of the components Gyen used on his build:

  • Zermatt Arms TL3- Right bolt/Right port single shot- 20 MOA rail and competition bolt knob
  • Shilen Rifles, Inc 22” Varmint contour- 6BR Norma- 12 Twist- throated to dummy rounds
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut
  • Cerus Rifleworks Stock, stock inletted by Masterclass Stocks
  • 80-grain bullets from Precision Ballistics

Here is what Gyen had to say about his build:

“It dawned on me that I haven’t shared any of my builds with you. I have included some images of my most recent 1:12 twist 6br. This thing loves Varget powder; 31.4gr with a decent jam. I am experimenting with Peterson brass (vs Lapua) and I am pleasantly surprised. I have noticed I can really crank up my loads without having really any pressure signs. I don’t know if this is an outlier batch of brass or not, but I am happy with it. This stock is curly maple. It came to me unfinished. I worked it up through 600grit and then hit it with half a dozen or so coats of poly. I think it turned out pretty great! Thanks for all your help with my builds over the last few years. I appreciate all that you do.”