6 BRA Remage Build


William B. of North Carolina sent us some info on his Criterion Barrels Inc. 6 BRA Remage build purchased from Northland Shooters Supply. He also shared some of his load data.

Here are the specs on William’s order:

  • 28” Criterion Barrel- bull contour- Rem/Age- 6 BRA (6BR Ackley Improved)- 7.5 twist
  • PT&G 6 BRA headspace gauges

Here is what William had to say about his build:

“Shot at honest 300 yards, testing powder charges. Unreal results. You are correct about these group sizes. Initially I had been shooting 30 grains of powder on the dot doing seating depth tests. A couple of sessions before I shot those groups, I had cleaned my bbl, and the first 3 shots were a zero at 100y. Clean bbl, slower velocity, vs a bbl that’s been shot 100 time’s, right? Those were my thoughts. So I wanted to do a powder charge test below 30 grains.

Started at 29 grains went to 30 grains in .3 grain increments. Those were the results. (attached picture) Group size for 29 ( .525”). 29.3 (.535”) 29.6 (.89”) 29.9 (@#$_) had a flyer but good.

So, I’m thinking if I had to load for a match I’d pick 29.2 just splitting the difference.

Not sure yet what to test next. But in that session was 15 shots shot back-to-back to back in matter of a few minutes with the last shot being the flyer. I’m still dumbfounded about how this happened except just to say these steps leading up to that session were because of obvious preparation and a dam good barrel.

Yes, the action is a 700 clone type. Mac brother Evo single shot.”