7mm-08 Sporter Contour Build


John H. of Virginia purchased a 7mm-o8 Criterion Barrels Inc. barrel from Northland Shooters Supply and sent us a little info on how it’s doing.

Here are the barrel specs and components he purchased:

  • 24” Criterion sporter contour barrel- Small shank Savage- 7mm-08 with a 9 twist with a beadblast finish
  • NSS precision ground recoil lug
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut
  • NSS action wrench
  • 4” barrel nut wrench
  • Forster headspace gauges

Here is what John had to say about his build:

“I finally had time to sight in the 7mm-08 at the range yesterday. My wife insisted that the scope was a Christmas present…LOL. Went from bore sighting to bullet holes touching at 100 and then all over the 2” gongs at 300 yds. Will stretch it out more (500-600 or so) on an upcoming long-range day. Your barrel and hand loaded 162 Gr. ELD-M bullets with Superformance powder. With a chrono, averaged around 2,726 fps. Easily between 1/4 – 1/2 MOA on day 1 during sighting/ break-in. Not bad for 1st 10 rounds out of a new barrel/gun.

This is the target I used to sight in the scope. I was honing in on getting the scope lined up on a winter day. After the first shot, I went with 3 shot groups before adjusting. I thought the tight groups in the first 10 shots spoke well of the barrel ammo combo…at least more so than the guy behind the scope.

As far as ringing steel to 500 yds…the gun has quickly developed a reputation among family and friends that it just doesn’t miss. I’m probably sitting on 160 rounds now and it’s definitely settled in nice.

Anyway, thanks for the great customer service and great barrel…next build is around the corner I’m sure.”