“Big Mac” Gets The Job Done With A Shilen 223 AI Barrel


Thad B. of Wyoming recently sent us a note regarding his most recent build and it was a bit of a unique one. See what Thad had to say below.

“Hey, just a thumbs up.

Took the new barrel out today to do some load development using CFE223. The barrel is a 30″ Shilen 223-AI 7-twist select match mounted to an older mod 12 action and the brand new SAV II trigger you sent me (thanks). The unique thing about this rifle is the 50cal stock (Big Mac) I inletted for a Savage action. The stock manufacturer wouldn’t inlet this stock for a savage action and said it wouldn’t work because the stock is too robust. I hate when someone tells me “can’t” or “no”. Told them it was going to cost me $450 to find out for myself and send me a “flat top with sniper fill”. Never underestimate a Marine. Anyhow. The stock is huge and heavy. Pillar bedded with Devcon aluminum putty. Notice my final velocity with 28gr of CFE223. 3166fps and no pressure signs.  It’s going to make a beautiful addition to the arsenal of guns I take to prairie dog town this spring.”

Thanks for the note Thad and happy shooting!

Thad_B_2 Thad_B_3