Both Criterion Barrels Are Real Shooters

Thomas E Criterion Build

Thomas E. of Texas sent us a message regarding his recent builds with Criterion barrels purchased from Northland Shooters Supply. Thomas had the following to say.

“I took the new girl out for a spin today finally and just wow. OK I am not some super shooter that is gonna get a 1″ group at 800 yards but out of my more modest budget level guns I get 1/2″ groups and less (OK I screw some up but that was me) out of both barrels you have sold me. 

The 300 Winchester Magnum Match Chamber barrel was first purchased first followed by the 308 Winchester. Both of them are Criterion 28″ Bull barrels. I also purchased your precision ground lugs, barrel nuts, action wrench, barrel nut wrench, and Forster and Manson headspace gauges. I used Bell and Carlson stocks and SWFA 10X42 Mil-Quad scopes.

You have a fan for life thanks to your willingness to talk details on several occasions and solid products with quick shipping!”

Thanks for the note Thomas and happy shooting!