6.5x284 norma build

Todd L. of Virginia sent us some photos and info on his 6.5 x 284 Norma build he set up for his new hunting rifle using a Criterion barrel purchased from Northland Shooters Supply.

Here are some of the items he purchased from NSS for his build:

Here is what Todd had to say about his build:
“Figured I’d share my results with your products. I purchased the barrel and tools from you last year sometime around October for a Savage 110 build. I put this in a Bell & Carlson aluminum bedded stock with a Hawke 4-20 x 50 Frontier scope. This gun shoots phenomenal.  I’m not a paper shooter beyond rifle sight in. I’m a hunter & couldn’t be happier with this build. For anyone on the fence about trying to build your own, I say go for it.   

I am absolutely not a gunsmith & if I can turn a $175.00 pawn shop Savage 110 into a tack driving, deer killing machine, so can you. The 130 Berger bullets are absolutely wicked on whitetails. A 100% satisfied customer. 

The top picture is at 400yds. 2nd picture is at 600yds. Sorry I don’t have any paper targets pics, just not my thing.”