July Check-in with The Northland Shooters Supply Sponsored Shooting Team

NSS: How is the team doing in the Missouri Steel Tactical Series (MOST)?

The Team: Isaiah C. is ranked #1, Mike B. is ranked #6, Ryan N. is ranked #14, and Jesse K. is ranked #17.

NSS: What shoots will you be participating in during the coming weeks?

The Team: The team will be represented at the following upcoming shoots:
– Vapor Trail Valley Shoot in Trenton, MO on July 22
– Gadsden Shooting Center Shoot in Iberia, MO on July 28
– Shield Solutions Shoot in West Plains, MO on August 11
– Pioneer Louisiana, on August 18

NSS: We understand that you have a new shooter training that you are hosting. Tell us a little about that. How can a shooter participate?

The Team: We will be hosting a free training day later in the summer with no date set yet but probably September. The event will be for new shooters to the sport or folks that have only shot a handful of matches. We hosted a free training day late last winter and it was a huge hit so we will have another one this fall to try to and help more folks.  The sign-up for the event will be on the Missouri Steel Tactical Series (MOST) Facebook page when the date is set. The training day will be 100% free to participants and even lunch will be provided free of charge.  All a participant will need is a rifle, some ammo, and the desire to learn.