Tools That Work for Your Gun Build Needs

We get many questions regarding tools that work for your gun build needs. We have several for sale at Northland Shooters Supply, but this post features an explanation of the NSS 11-inch Barrel Nut Wrench.

It’s assumed that this wrench is designed for leverage, but the wrench is actually designed for convenience for gun owners that have older style Savage rifles with the “old style” barrel nut (approximately late 70’s/early 80’s) and newer style Savage and Rem/Age rifles with the “new style” barrel nuts.

As this picture shows, the “old style” barrel nut has a radius notching and the “new style” barrel nut has a square notching.

Do you have newer and older rifle builds with both styles of nuts in your collection? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The NSS 11-inch Barrel Nut Wrench gets the job done. Two birds, one stone.

11 Inch Barrel Nut Wrench Explained