Shilen Rifles 22 Nosler Paired with Bighorn Origin Action

Shilen 22 Nosler

Jim H. of Iowa sent us some info on his Shilen 22 Nosler and Bighorn Arms Origin Build. Here are the components Jim purchased from Northland Shooters Supply.

  • 26” Shilen Stainless Select Match Varmint contour barrel with an 8 twist.
  • ZAI/Bighorn Arms Origin Action
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut
  • Rifle Basix Rem L-1k trigger

Here is what Jim had to say:

Just wanted to show you some results from my recent build. Purchased a Bighorn Origin action, Rifle Basix Trigger, Northland barrel nut, and a Shilen 26″ 8 twist 22 Nosler barrel. Put them in a spare stock I had from a Remington 700 Mil Spec 308. I only have 60 rounds downrange so far, but I’m very pleased with the results!