6BR Norma Build Success On A Savage Action

6BR Norma Success

Jon K. of Pennsylvania sent us some info and pictures of his 6BR Norma build on a Savage action. Here are the components Jon purchased from Northland Shooters Supply (NSS).

  • 28”- @Criterion Barrels, Inc. – Stainless- Small Shank- Bull Barrel- 8 twist
  • NSS Precision Ground recoil lug – NSS Squared and Trued barrel nut
  • NSS Action Wrench
  • 6BR Go and No-Go gauges

Here is what Jon had to say about his build.

“I Just wanted to give a shout out for Northland Shooters Supply and your Criterion Barrels. I put together a 6BR Norma with a Criterion pre-fit 28” Bull barrel mated to a trued Savage action and a Choate stock. I also used an NSS stainless ground recoil lug, NSS barrel nut, NSS headspace gages, and an NSS action wrench.

The target (shown below) is from the first 50 rounds of load development at 100yds. I am testing Berger 105gr Hybrids jammed to the lands and the target (.139) was 28.2gr of H4895 powder, Lapua brass, and BR-4 primers. The action I used on this 6BR build is a trued Savage action and I could not be happier.

NSS is awesome, you helped me get the right components and were extremely helpful on the phone, I truly cannot say enough about how happy I am. I have since recommended NSS to others at my local club after they saw what I put together. The accuracy and precision are outstanding. I never thought this would be possible with a pre-fit but WOW! I am very impressed and already starting to gather components for a new 6GT build.

Thank you for all your help and for the best products possible.”