Youth Sport Shooting Long Distance Success

Youth Sport Shooting Success

Young shooter Bryce B. of Tennessee sent us some additional photos to follow up on his sport-shooting long-distance success this summer.

Bryce ran out of some of the components he normally used and ended up switching powders. He sent us some photos to show how he is doing with his new components at 1000 yards.

Bryce is using a 28” Criterion 6BR Norma barrel on a Savage target action purchased from Northland Shooters Supply (NSS).

Here is what Bryce and his dad had to say:

“Took Bryce and his rifle out for a little running. Thought I’d update y’all after we found some new components. We tune in at 1000 cause that’s where we stay most of the time. But this is the new load. He wasn’t trying to center it just get groups.”

Great shooting Bryce. Keep up the good work!!!!