25 Creedmoor Shilen Build


Aaron C. of Idaho sent us some photos and information on his latest build in 25 Creedmoor using a Shilen barrel purchased from Northland Shooters Supply.

Here are the barrel specs:

  • 28” Shilen stainless select match- small shank Savage- Heavy Palma contour- 25 Creedmoor- 7 Ratchet twist with muzzle thread
  • Zermatt Arms Origin action
  • Forster products headspace gauges
  • Cerakote barrel option

Here is what Aaron had to say about his build:

“Here’s the group I shot today with the 25 CM which almost mirrors the group I shot last week from the same distance. Both are shot at 300 yards but this barrel will do this all day long… I shot these groups wearing two pairs of Kuiu gloves so it could have been better but that 25 Creedmoor has an avg .3 MOA for me now over the last 35 groups or so including cold bore shots and a lot of groups during load development. It’s a winner for sure and I’d take another one just like it.”