Criterion 6mm Dasher Build

Criterion 6mm Dasher Build

Ray S. of Missouri sent us some photos of his recent Criterion 6mm Dasher build using his Zermatt Arms Receiver purchased from NSS.

Here are some of the components Ray used on his build:

  • 26” Criterion 6mm Dasher- Savage small shank MTU contour- 7.5 twist with muzzle thread
  • Zermatt Arms Origin action
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut

Here is what Ray had to say about his build:

“Dude this Dasher Savage prefit Criterion barrel is badass. I broke it in this weekend with Vapor Trail 103 VTACS at 100 yds. The picture is a cold bore and a clean barrel, 5 rounds. I took it out to 600yds and it just stacked them on top of one another. I took it to 1000, and it hammered. Thanks, man this is gonna be a shooter. Bighorn Origin action I bought from you as well.

I used Dasher Peterson brass, Varget powder, Federal 205M primers, and the Vapor Trail 103VTACS

Wish I would have got the group at 600. It was 2in at least on steel but the place was really muddy and I could not get into the piece of steel to get a picture but it was like 8-10 rounds and it was just a 2-inch blob of grey stacked one bullet strike on top of the other.

I’m proud of that barrel. I have been dealing with you guys for a long time. I also bought a .308 Shilen barrel and that thing is the same. 175g SMKs in Starline brass, Federal 210m primers, Varget powder and it hammers. The grey rifle is the .308. The .308 hammers as well and it is also a Savage prefit on another Bighorn Origin action.

  • Both are MPA BA COMP chassis
  • Trigger Tech diamond triggers
  • Have weight kits in both chassis
  • Harris bipods on both
  • Bighorn Origin actions
  • Your Criterion Savage prefits with your precision barrel nuts
  • .308 has an Arken scope
  • Dasher has a Vortex GEN2 Razor”