5 Shots in One Hole with a 6mm Creedmoor

5 Shots in one hole

Christopher T. of Alabama sent us some info and photos of his 6mm Creedmoor Match build using a Criterion barrel purchased from NSS.

Here are some of the components Christopher used on his build:

  • 22” Criterion- 6mm Creedmoor Match- small shank Savage- light varmint contour- 7.5 twist with muzzle thread
  • NSS precision ground recoil lug
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut
  • NSS Action wrench
  • NSS 4” barrel nut wrench
  • Forster Products headspace gauges
  • NSS thread protector
  • NSS Cerakote on his barrel, lug, nut, and thread protector

Here is what Chris had to say.

“I ordered a Criterion 6mm CM barrel from you this summer. It was on backorder for a while. You cerakoted it for me. I wanted to tell you how awesome this barrel is! I got the barrel nut wrench, no go, go gages, and action wrench from you for my Savage 10. Everything went together very nicely.

This is 100 yards after a small barrel break-in, this is 5 shots- one hole! It’s with factory Hornady 103gr ELD X precision hunter. Very impressive.

The stock is an MTD LSS Gen2 chassis. This and the lite varmint barrel makes for a fairly light rifle. The scope is a Vortex Viper PST 5-25-50. Factory trigger at 2.12 lbs. It’s very sweet! I have referred several of my friends to you. Thanks again!”