6.5×47 Lapua Remage Hunting Success

3-21_Customer Testimonial-1

Daniel V. of Louisiana sent us some info on his recent Remage 6.5X47 Lapua build using a Criterion Barrels, Inc. barrel purchased from Northland Shooters Supply (NSS).

Here is what Daniel purchased from NSS for his build:

  • 24” Criterion 6.5×47 Lapua-Heavy sporter-8 twist
  • NSS precision ground recoil lug
  • NSS squared and trued barrel nut

Here is what Daniel had to say:

“I got my hunting rifle all put together and couldn’t be any happier with the barrel. I threw a quick load together 2 days before my week-long hunting trip for thanksgiving. I was determined to bring my newly rebarreled rifle. I loaded up 5 different charge weights in 3 shot groups and went and shot it. All the groups were under 3/4”. I knew this barrel was going to shoot well. I picked a charge weight, loaded 20 of them, and went hunting. During that week, my niece shot her first buck with this rifle and I was able to take a small buck and put some meat In the freezer. Today I finalized the load development and this barrel shoots so well. Here is the info on the build and some pictures. Thank you again for a great product and I’ll be in touch soon for another barrel.
The load:

  • Hornady 143ELD-X 2.770 COAL
  • Lapua Brass
  • CCI 450 primer
  • 40 grains of RL-16
  • 2700fps